Can I send an image and get it 3D Printed?
Images are 2D, not 3D. We need designs in 3D CAD formats. STL is the most preferred format, however, if you do have other formats from CAD Software like Catia, Solidworks, 3DS Max etc, our engineers will be able to convert to STL & 3D Print.
Do you edit the files for print optimization?
In almost every case, we do not know what your part is. If it’s not printable for technical reasons, we will let you know the same and might suggest possible corrections. We generally never touch your design file.
My product designs are unique and I do not want you to share it with anyone (or) is my file safe (or) Do you sign NDA?
Yes. We never share your files with anyone. If you have to be 100% sure, you could sign an NDA. Most of our large clients operate after an NDA has been signed.
What’s the difference between technologies mentioned?
- FFF/FDM is the most common form of 3D Printing. Affordable & Fast. Works great for prototyping. 95% of our customers prefer FDM.
- SLA - Good for intricate parts with detail - precision health-care, dental, jewellery, tiny electronic enclosures.
- SLS - Industry Grade Additive Manufacturing services for high quality & complex designs. Expensive & Larger Lead Time If you’re not sure which one to choose, select “Help me Choose”
How does price vary with resolution?
In FDM, the print time varies exponentially when layer height changes. I.e If an object takes 2 hours at 200 microns, it would take 4 hours at 100 microns. So the cost goes up 2x. 200 microns is prefered by many customers. If surface quality is important, go for 100. If you’re not sure which one to choose, select “Help me Choose”
What’s the delivery mode?
In India, we ship via DTDC, FedEx, First Flight, Aramex, DHL, BlueDart and other Local service. In Most of Case You got delivery in 2 Days.