How we helped Dictionary.com increase visit frequency by 10%
The Story

With 2,000,000+ trusted definitions and synonyms, 100+ million app downloads, Dictionary.com is the #1 English dictionary app for iPhone and Android.

As with any large app, user fatigue sets in after prolonged usage. Dictionary.com tasked us with building a refresh that would impact their core metrics - namely, retention, monetization and user reviews on the app stores.

Increase in
visit frequency
Reviews on
App Store
Unique monthly
The Challenge

Our research indicated that we needed to upgrade a few of the core flows in terms of usability. The main challenge for us was to ease in a large existing user base into new designs and experiences while maintaining or improving core metrics. Additionally we had a short time frame in which to launch the changes to meet the end of year deadline.

The Solution

We reviewed usage data and conducted a thorough audit based on the users reviews of the iOS and Android apps. We created a matrix of pain points and defined core flows that needed an upgrade. Keeping an eye on existing and potential future users of the app, we created multiples ideas, prototypes and validated them through usability testing. We also product managed this critical release and provided detailed specifications and priorities for their internal engineering team. The updated app was launch well ahead of schedule to meet the pre-Christmas deadline.

Our solution for the iOS version led to a significant rise in page views and retention. We applied material design principles to the Android app which showed similar results.

UX/UI Design
User Testing
Design Exploration
A smooth transition from Dictionary to Thesaurus

Our research showed that Thesaurus was one of the highly used app features. Previously users had to go through a 2 step process to use the Thesaurus. Now, user can search for thesaurus anywhere between the app with a simple toggle.

Simple and mobile friendly gestures let the users easily swipe/tap anywhere on the ribon to find definitions, thesaurus (synonyms), origins and additional information of the desired words.

Onboarding New Users

We redesigned the onboarding experience that introduced users to the improvements within the app. Fun illustrations and clear instructions helped users get familiar with the updates and boost brand loyalty.

Home Screen

We brought a simpler, modern look to the app's home screen. Using the Facebook feed pattern, the new list view layout exposes the user to more content than they did in the previous version. Icons, imagery and catchy headlines were tested to encourage users to explore and stay longer within the app.

User Reviews

So easy and helpful
Love this app. It is so user friendly and I usually end up spending more time on it then I had planned. I find what I'm looking for plus learn new words all the time...
Dec 29, 2016
on App Store
Great for writers and readers
I find this app to be even better than the desktop webpage which I used frequently at university...
Dec 24, 2016
on App Store
Great app!
This Dictionary is so far the best I have ever downloaded!
Minh Anh
Dec 18, 2016
on App Store